March 29, 2019

It’s a Raw Materials World

Tim Brown, a former pro soccer player, was curious about how to combine, sheep, one of the most abundant natural resources in his home country of New Zealand and comfortable sneaker design. While working on an MBA in London Tim developed the first design of a sockless wool shoe and started a Kickstarter the drew tidal wave of interest. After partnering with Joey Zwillinger, a family friend and biotech engineer, things began to click. Honing in on a particular wool fiber that is used in high-end Italian suiting and their shared passion for making the best product possible while sticking to a core value of sustainability has launched Allbirds into the stratosphere. By consistently asking questions and maintaining an open mindset Tim and Joey have positioned their company as a world leader in raw material innovation.

Simple, clean, sustainable comfort is the foundation of the Allbirds shoe brand and the flagship store in Soho highlights that vision down to every last detail. Our daily lives are teeming with constant information, and Allbirds interior strikes a calming counterbalance with gallery like installations that draw in, and inform about the material content of each product, who knew learning what goes into a 100% post-consumer recycled shoelace could be so compelling? In addition to New Zealand wool, Tim and Joey have released new summer weight shoes produced from eucalyptus tree fibers and flip flops with soles made with sugarcane.

Uncluttered merchandising that elevates the range of products and highlights the perfectly edited selection of color options. Before you know it, you are slipping on a new pair, and walking out the door wearing some of the most comfortable shoes this side of Kiwiland.



March 29, 2019