December 9, 2019

Madewell Men’s: Denim Done Right

One year after launching a Men’s focused collection that sold online, at shop-in-shops, and some Nordstrom’s locations, Madewell Men’s has opened it’s first brick and mortar in Williamsburg. With much chatter about their recent IPO filing and possible split from the current parent company JCrew, a lot of eyes are keeping a close watch on this brand adored for its denim range that is a leader in inclusive sizing.

When we visited the new space, all of the in-store vibes we have come to expect from Madwell were evident in this new translation for Men. We loved the playful graffiti inspired line art on the exterior that bursts into full color on the main entry wall. The store feels both hip and inviting, like a place you’d like to lounge at and take your time. The brand partnered with Pitchfork records to set up a mini record store that encourages you to flip through and pull a few records out to play.

The backroom features an in house tailor that will hem, repair, customize, and patch your denim to the perfect fit. We were offered local sweet treats and snacks by the manager that shared insight on how the store has been received thus far. She explained that many of the core Madewell female customers are bringing their partners in to check out the new line, lauding fit and not wanting to keep their secrets all to themselves. They say sharing is caring! Additionally, having the ability to customize fit on site is extremely valuable to the customer experience and enhances the overall feel of the garment. The store will also host many community events and pop-ups from their Hometown Heros series that works to expand the visibility of local creatives and makers to a broader audience.

With four core styles to choose from skinny, slim, athletic slim, and straight and dozens of washes ranging from darkest black to light blue, there is something for every taste. Madewell has been a member of the BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) since 2017, BCI works to promote more sustainable standards in cotton farming across 21 counties developing improved water standards and creating opportunities for smaller farmers. Madewell also partners with Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green program along with Habitat for Humanity to provide old jeans that are recycled and used as insulation for new housing. Added bonus, you will get $20 off your next pair of jeans.

As you can see, Madewell stands by its claim of Denim Done Right!

Written by Melody Linscott

Melody is the Trend Research and New Product Developer at ITL


December 9, 2019