February 4, 2016

Stance Socks Soho

“There’s big room for innovation. No one’s really created the lab environment where you could innovate on a platform like socks.” – Jeff Kearl




Stance has turned grimy smelly old sports socks into a cultural phenom and their first Flagship store in Soho is helping spread the word. With a focus on pushing print and pattern to a new level and collaborations with artist and cultural icons Stance is blazing new trails in a once under-appreciated category.

The new store based in a restored 1912 glove shop on Broadway has the feel of your local skate shop with plenty of eye candy to keep you engaged. Punks & Poets a feature wall as you enter the space pays homage to the many influencers that have a hand in developing the growing brand. Vignettes focusing on collections by Willow Smith, The Uncommon Thread, Polar to name a few keep you moving and exploring.



Knowing that customization is where it’s at there is a dedicated Canvas area where you can sit down and design a pair of your own, serious fun! After the design is complete it is sent downstairs where you can watch the production through a glass window in the floor, think of the gifting possibilities.



With so many great ideas and a cult following it will be exciting to see how they continue to move the brand forward.

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February 4, 2016